Wanderson M. Dos Santos

"I believe art is everywhere, we just have to look around and inside ourselves with love to see it."

"I direct most of my art producing art, films, photography, acting and competing in martial arts."

Being at the right place at the right time appears to come naturally for ambitious model, and Brazilian native, Wanderson M. Dos Santos. From one burgeoning city to another everyone knows that networking is a key attribute to possess, especially if you want to break out in the biz, or social fashion scene. Therefore, attending local soirees, shows, and other gatherings should probably be on your radar.

For Wanderson, the origin of that perfect networking moment was being present at a party that a friend invited him to attend. The fortunate moment of meeting the host himself (and arriving at a professional photographers home) seemed almost too comfortable for a big break. Well, after a mere glance, the photographer asked Marccio if he was interested in doing a photo shoot. When," Marccio eagerly said. Now, the photographer said. Of course, the rest is history! However, that memorable night would lead Marccio to numerous opened doors of style, opportunity, and the beginning of a new portfolio.

Although Wanderson regularly models, dont let his smooth countenance fool you ladies! By day hes an acute IT professional working as a software engineer, and has an inspiring list of goals set in his thinking cap. Marccio plans to pursue his acting career in the future, but for now hes constant in absorbing as much industry knowledge as possible while refining his lookbook.

"I want to be mainly producing and acting in movies," Wanderson said. Its clear that Wanderson is quite a multitasking individual when it comes to managing his lifestyles. Whether in a commercial, ad campaign, music set, or in editorials, he doesn't limit himself when choosing diverse work. Who knows? If you look closely you just may see his next gig showcased as you pass a familiar billboard, or train station!